Established since 1909

Dundas Chemical Company started life in 1909 collecting fallen stock from farms in Dumfries and Galloway. In those days the trusty horse and cart were used to provide the collection service.

At this time a small number of batch cookers were used to process the material. As the company grew more batch cookers were installed.

The biggest change to the process occurred in March, 1996. It was then that we installed our first continuous cooker allowing greater volumes to be handled in a more efficient manner. The difference in technology was so impressive, that more continuous cookers were installed shortly afterwards.

Dundas Chemical Company was also the first company in the United Kingdom to install a thermal oxidiser in December, 2001. This then became an industry standard.

In January 2008 Dundas Chemical Company purchased the former William Forest site at Motherwell renaming it Caledonian Proteins. This site was then used to process our category 3 material and the Dumfries site used to process our category 1 material.

Around this time Caledonian Pet Foods was created allowing Dundas Chemical Company to handle all types of pet food material and offering a complete service to abattoirs and other customers.

Also located at our Dumfries site is our sister company Oakbank. At Oakbank we provide all the transport for raw material and finished products, operating a modern fleet of lorries and artic trailers.