Cat 1

Cat 1

The raw material for our Category 1 rendering process comes from two main sources. The first is from the meat industry throughout the United Kingdom and Ireland.

The other source is from fallen stock mainly collected by Dundas Chemical Company in Dumfries and Galloway and Cumbria.

North East Fallen Stock Ltd was created in early 2012 to enable us to source product from the Aberdeen, Inverness and Dundee post code areas. The hides which have a commercial value in the leather industry are removed from the bovine animals prior to rendering the rest of the carcase.

Our process uses the application of heat to the Category 1 materials to remove the moisture and to separate the oils and proteins to produce two products MBM (Meat and Bone Meal) and Tallow.

Category 1 material or SRM (Specified Risk Material) includes parts of an animal that are deemed to pose a potential risk to the human food chain from TSEs (Transmissible spongiform encephalopathies). It is therefore crucial to make sure that products produced from these materials are destroyed by incineration or inactivated by further processing.

This is achieved by using them as a feedstock in processes which recover the energy contained within the products.

MBM has a similar calorific value to coal and can be used as a cheaper alternative in power stations and cement works. This commercial advantage has seen a significant increase in the use of this material.

The Category 1 Tallow until recently was used as a fuel in our boilers at both our rendering sites. However we have converted both sites to natural gas and the tallow is now sold into the growing biodiesel industry.