Fallen Stock


With professional operating facilities and a fleet of GPS-tracked vehicles, we are able to collect virtually any species.

Alongside our wide range of farm clients, for whom we provide uplift services for cattle, sheep and pigs, we’ve been asked to collect stock ranging from ostriches, goats, zoo animals and even whales – all in a days work for us.


Did you know your fallen stock will be turned into fuel for power stations, or diesel for the automotive industry?

Within 48 hours of your fallen stock being collected, it arrives at a purpose-built rendering site in Dumfries for processing. The hides are removed from bovine carcasses, which are then salted and palletised ready for use in the leather industry.

The material is then prepared for the rendering process to begin. Moisture is dried off in a disk dryer before fat (Tallow) is separated from solid elements. The fat is put through a filtration process ready to be used in the bio-diesel industry.

The solid element is pressed, leaving a dry powder called Meat and Bone Meal (Cat 1 MBM) ready to be used as a fuel for power stations or cement kilns.


We dispose of all types of fallen stock using our fleet of specialized vehicles which meet the highest standards of bio-security

All of our vehicles are fitted with tracking devices meaning we can assign the nearest vehicle for your collection.


The quickest way to book a collection is to phone our call centre on 01387 252887 Our opening hours are 8:00am -5:00pm Monday-Friday and 8:00am -12:00pm Saturday.

Should you need to contact us out of hours, we can be contacted and you can leave an voicemail message stating the following:

Please leave your full CPH holding number.

> If you are a new customer, please leave your contact details so one of our office team can call you back to set you up on our system
> What you have to collect, and if it is dead or alive
> If the animal is bovine, please leave its date of birth and ear tag number
> Any specific job requirements.

Payment Methods

We accept all major credit and debit cards for payment.