Cat 3

Cat 3

Category 3 materials are animal by-products which derive from animals which are slaughtered for human consumption.

These materials are deemed not for human consumption by virtue of the nature of the product, for example bones and viscera, or the handling techniques within the abattoirs.
However the products produced from them are in demand from the pet food and the oleochemical industries.

Our process uses the application of heat to the Category 3 materials to remove the moisture and to separate the oils and proteins to produce two products MBM (Meat and Bone Meal) and Tallow.

The MBM is milled and treated with an anti-oxidant to maintain product quality. Through a number of techniques we have been able to maintain high digestibility levels and to increase the protein levels in our MBM. As a result there is an increasing demand from dry pet food Manufacturers for our product.

The tallow produced from our process is of a very high quality with very low FFAs (Free Fatty Acids). This quality results from the techniques used within the process and the efficiency of our raw material collection arrangements. We are one of the few U.K companies that can maintain this level of quality throughout the year, particularly in the summer months.

Our Tallow is used mostly in the soap and oleo-chemical industry